Episode 14 is cooking a turkey. I have to confess right now that I have cooked Alton’s turkey many times. The past several Thanksgivings have included a turkey prepared this way. So, I already had a lot of the ingredients and knew what I was coming up. Basically, be prepared to wait. Wait while the brine boils. Wait while the brine cools. Wait while the turkey sits in the brine (this is 12 hours, so you might want t0 take a nap). Wait while the turkey cooks. But let me tell you, this turkey is well worth all of the waiting. I’ve converted many people to loving a brined turkey, including my grandmother who was probably the most skeptical. Most traditional turkeys are cooked for a very long time. This turkey is done in under 3 hours. The turkey turns out perfectly seasoned and juicy.

Products: I got a free-range turkey. Last Thanksgiving I got a locally grown, fresh free range turkey that I would recommend to anyone. The only other items that weren’t organic were the spices – and I bought those as fresh as I could.

Overall: This recipe is the easiest way to cook a turkey despite the waiting time. And it is by far the best turkey you will ever cook.

SH: “Yum. It smells like Thanksgiving in here.”

Up next: Fruitcake. Seriously.