NOTE: This is another episode that I forgot to take pictures! However, I’m sure you’ve seen a chocolate chip cookie!

Episode 34 features Alton’s “sister” Marsha and her need for him to make cookies for her to sell. This episode is one of my favorites. Not only because I love the character that is Marsha, but because of the science! In the original episode, he uses subtle changes to the traditional Nestle Toll House cookie recipe to get very different cookies. He creates The Thin, The Chewy and The Puffy. Alton changes the type of fat – cold butter, melted butter or shortening, the portions of sugar and brown sugar, eggs or egg white and the leavening agents – baking soda and baking powder to achieve the different cookies. The book only contains the Chewy recipe, which was fine with SH, since that is his favorite. I have made this recipe many times – is this contributing to my lack of weight loss? Probably! The cookies turn out perfect and chewy every time. I do think the key is chilling the dough before cooking.

Products: I used organic flour and eggs. The chips were Nestle – I can’t imagine using anything different.

Overall: The cookies turned out chewy as promised.

SH: “Yum. We need more milk.”

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