My name is Melissa. I’m 43 years old, married to a wonderful man and live in Nashville. I started this blog with inspiration from the movie “Julie & Julia”. My husband and I were watching it and I related to both of the main characters. At first I thought there were many more differences than similarities between me and these two women. At 6 foot 2 inches tall, Julia Child was a foot and 2 inches taller than me. Her husband was 10 years older, mine is 2 years younger. I have never been a spy and I’ve never lived abroad. However, I have moved around a lot, as she did. Julia never had children – and neither do I. Most of all, I relate to her need to do “something” when her husband is at work. I have plenty of time on my hands when SH (that’s my husband) is at work because we work different shifts. I have tried some hobbies, but nothing has stuck. As far as Julie Powell, we have little in common – I’m not a writer, I’m well over 30 and don’t live in New York. However, we are similar in that we need a goal to focus on in life and love to cook. I believe she started with more advanced cooking skills than I am. While watching the movie, I told SH I wanted to start a blog, but have never had a good focus for it – a catch, if you will. From that conversation, this blog was born.

Originally, I was going to cook my way through Alton Brown’s first book – Good Eats – The Early Years in one year. However, I did not finish in a year. I was on track to finish mid way through the year and then got off track. To be honest, when I got to the episode for cabbage, I stopped. I really hate cooked cabbage and was getting busy with work, walking  (I was training for a half marathon) and other stuff and used it as an excuse to stop. However, I’m going to get back on track. The glitch now? Alton has come out with a SECOND BOOK – Good Eats 2 – The Middle Years!! and a THIRD BOOK Good Eats 3 – The Later Years!!  Also, I have a condition called IBS that I am desperately trying to control. I’m using an elimination diet (FODMAPs) to identify the foods that trigger my IBS. This techinque is quite restrictive. It eliminates all known IBS triggers and then slowly adds them back to identify the problem foods. As I identify my “bad” foods, I will be eliminating them from my diet. And by “diet” I mean the true dictionary definition of diet – “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. ” Eliminating foods can cause a problem when trying to cook your way through a cookbook without such restrictions.  Oh, and I’m still going to try to lose weight. That part didn’t work out so well either, but I’m working on that, too. I thought about giving up all together, but I feel like I owe it to myself to continue. So here’s the new plan…I will continue through Alton’s book(s), making necessary adjustments for my new way of eating, skipping any recipes that just can’t be adapted. I enjoyed cooking and working on this blog, so I want to continue. Also, I’m going to provide commentary on life…those should be fun.

As the Sister Hazel song goes, “… apathy grows quietly where rapture used to fly, and promises and certainty have left love here to die, Won’t you stay and don’t let this one fall away.” I’m not going to let this one fall away….


3 Responses to “About me..”

    1. Aunt Carole Says:

      I am glad you are starting up again I do enjoy your adventures in the kitchen!!! Who would have thought……. Any elimination of food ingredients might be good for me. Keep on keeping on.
      Love, Aunt Carole

  1. Renelle Says:

    Hi there Melissa!

    Ran across a blog where you gave the ENELL rave reviews (well, except for calling the ENELL ugly – ha ha)and wanted to thank you personally. I absolutely LOVE to hear women preach the truth about my product, as word mouth is priceless to me and I really really appreciate it when someone takes the time to tell others. By the way, I am the designer of the ENELL Sport Bras and president of Enell, Inc. Being a DD myself, the design process was manditory for me as there was nothing out there I felt worked well enough.

    I was just giving you a bad time about the “ugly factor”. That doesn’t bother me – honest….it is kind of interesting though, some women call us ugly others call us pretty and just lately, the actress from Mad Men, Christina ???(can’t remember he last name at the moment)called the bra “sexy” in SELf magazine. We actually got a pretty good laugh out of that at the office. We had NEVER heard that one before. Personally, I really don’t care what women call it as long as they understand that they “need” it to insure a healthy body while exercising. It’s meant to help you work out, not make a fashion statement, right? Just needs to be thought of as another piece of athletic equipment. Anyway…I’m starting to go into marketing mode now …ha. THANK YOU again for singing our praises, I really do appreciate your comments.

    Oh…and I also watched Julia and Julia just a few nights ago. Loved it! Also love to cook (part of my problem). Good luck with your venture and all of your New Years Resolutions!


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