I’m back!! It’s been a while, I know. I have a few episodes that I have cooked but not written up, so I’ll get those up soon. Here is the confession: I got to a couple of recipes that were either hard, cumbersome or just a food I don’t like. So, I stopped for a while. I also gained a few pounds. UGH. So, here we go again. Can I do it? Well, we’ll see won’t we! For now, I’m going to get back at it – I will explain the episodes that held me up as I get to the write ups! Until then, it’s onto the beans….

Cool Beans! Ok, so, this episode scared me. I had to make 2 bean recipes in very close proximity. We all know the beans song, “Beans, Beans, the musical fruit….etc.” and no one wants to “toot”. But here’s the fact, people: We all fart! On a regular basis. Also, beans are good for you. And, properly cooked beans will not cause much gas. Also, make sure you chew them well – that helps them break down even more. And breaking them down as much as possible before they go through you helps reduce the gas. So, I made baked beans (The Once and Future Beans) and black bean salad.

SH loves baked beans so he was very excited about this episode. And anything with bacon, brown sugar and jalapenos has to be good! You actually bake  the beans in the oven for 6 to 8 hours. Hence, “baked” beans. They made the whole house smell really good and even I, who is not a huge fan, was ready to eat them when they were finally done.

The black beans were faster, but that is because for the salad you don’t want them quite so mushy. I like black beans and this recipe has cumin, lime and chili powder – all the makings of good black beans. I’m not sure I liked that this was a cold salad, but it was tasty and very easy to make.

Products: Everything was organic except the spices.

Overall: The baked beans were very tasty, but I would use a little more vegetable broth to make more “sauce”. The black beans were good, but I prefer them warm.

SH: “The baked beans were better than store bought.” He wasn’t home when I made the black beans!

Up next: Poaching