The case for butter is to convince people that butter isn’t evil and has a place in the American household. Butter is natural, margarine is not. I’ve been trying to eat more natural and use butter rather than margarine because I’ve been trying to stay more natural. Also, margarines have the dreaded “trans fats”. There are some on the market that don’t have trans fats, so make sure if you go for margarine, you choose one of without the trans fats. Anyway, Alton is using butter at what he says is it’s best. He’s making Raymond Beurre Blanc. The sauce known as beurre blanc is literally translated from french as “white butter”. It’s a rich reduction of shallot, white wine and butter. Alton offers serving suggestions, and I chose to serve this over salmon because that sounded like the healthiest option. I also used about half the amount called for to reduce the unhealthiness of the sauce. Anything in moderation is my mantra these days. The sauce was tasty, but I really don’t think it was worth the calories and effort. I can put a bit of shallot in a little bit of olive oil and cook the salmon in that for just as much payoff with less effort and calories.

At the end of the episode (and it the book), Alton makes a Compound Butter. Making a compound butter is adding an herb, spice or sweet to butter to enhance the flavor. I chose to add chives to some butter and put it on a potato. And again, a lot of work for little payoff. I guess if it was something you kept in the fridge, it might be worth it, but I’m just not seeing it.

Products: Surprisingly, all ingredients (except salt) were available in organic!

Overall: A lot of work with high calories and little payoff.

SH: Sadly, SH was working when I did this episode.

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