As I’ve said before, I’m the self-proclaimed ambassador for proper sports bras. I really try to spread the word about Enell Sports Bras because they have changed my exercising life!

I have been going to a local trainer for a half an hour once a week at a local gym. Trish is tough but a nice, sweet person. So, I find it difficult to hate her even though she is pushing me to do things I don’t want to do. Like exercise. And jumping. I go on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. Her 6pm client and I started to recognize each other. We would smile at each other and roll our eyes. She was always happy to see me – because it means her session is almost over. I always kind of hate to see her because I know I’m about to be tortured. We saw each other a couple of other times and finally introduced ourselves. Her name is Joan.

Trish likes to make us jump. A lot. We jump on boxes, on bosu balls, or just on the floor. Trish claims it helps with bone strength. I’m skeptical. One night, I had to make an adjustment to the Enell after a series of particularly strenuous jumps. Trish, who in no way would ever need an Enell, laughed as I shifted and tugged. I told her that while she didn’t understand, there was no way I would jump without my Enell on. She mentioned that Joan really seemed to hate jumping and sometimes even refused to jump. The next time I saw Joan, I asked her about the jumping. I don’t like the jumping, but I do it. She said she felt self conscious about jumping with everyone around (it’s a co-ed gym). I told her I had the answer – Enell! I showed her the bra. I explained how well it worked and that it was a mini-workout just to put it on. She said she would order one.

The next time I saw Joan, she grabbed my arm and told me she had something to show me. She was wearing a brand new Enell. She said it has changed her life! When I saw Joan last week, she said every time she puts her Enell on, she thinks of me! I’m flattered, I think. And Trish confirmed that she is jumping at every session!

These bras really do change the lives of the well-endowed. Make no mistake, they are expensive, but totally worth it. And they do last! I’ve had each of mine for years and they are still holding up (pun intended!!). If you are a C-cup or larger and like to exercise, I recommend checking it out! Once you try one, you’ll be hooked (that pun is for you, Mom!).

SH and I went to the Y for a workout today.  I did 44 minutes on the treadmill. I don’t normally have the patience to stay on the treadmill that long, but the place was New Year’s Resolution crowded, so there weren’t a lot of options. I was doing intervals of walking a minute, running 1 to 2 minutes. I like doing intervals on the treadmill because it keeps my attention. I did it at a 1 incline. I was looking around and  I saw a woman who was in dire need of some support. I’m not talking about emotional support, but support for the “girls” (boobs). I am the self-proclaimed ambassador of proper sports bras. I have found the perfect sports bra for women who are well endowed.

The Enell Sports Bra is the answer! The Enell has 11 front hooks, is a pain to put on and keeps everything in place. The website has an instructional video for putting it on – yes, it’s that complicated! Most days I feel as though I’ve already had a workout by the time I get the bra on, but I’m telling you, the bra works better than any bra you’ve ever tried. With no digging into your shoulders and minimal movement during even running, it’s fantastic. I’ve converted several friends and they all say they will never go back. Even “The Biggest Loser” has started using these bras. And if you’ve seen previous seasons, some of those women were in desperate need of good support. I even have my SH trained to say, “that girl needs an Enell” when we see someone in need.

Another workout tomorrow. Oh, and it’s also on to episode 2 – potatoes.

An up-close of the Enell Bra